Software ICON S16 HD - New Emu Pvu key Update 2019

 ICON receiver is indeed very rarely heard because there are not so many receiver users.

ICON_S16 HD newest upgrade software was released on 10-2019. You can download this software and upgrade to your box to test.

Realease Date : 2019-10-16 New Emu Pvu key Update .

When you upgrade the software to your receiver,if you want to keep the data(Satellite/Channel/keys) for your box,please select upgrade mode to "Software only",don't select "All mode".
Please visit this post to learn How to keep the data(Satellite/Channel/keys) when you upgrade software for the box.

This software can also be used for Skybox A1 version receivers , but it must be opened and awaited release.

Download software released ICON_S16 HD   πŸ‘‰ 

See All info : 

 πŸ”πŸ›  Software K5S and koS New update 2019 πŸ˜Ž

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