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Hellobox V5 HD newest upgrade software released on 16-10-2019

Hellobox receiver is indeed very rarely heard because there are not so many receiver users.

Hellobox V5 HD newest upgrade software was released on 10-2019. You can download this software and upgrade to your box to test.

Realease Date:2019-10-16
New Pvu key . FIX on 88e

When you upgrade the software to your receiver,if you want to keep the data(Satellite/Channel/keys) for your box,please select upgrade mode to "Software only",don't select "All mode".
Please visit this post to learn How to keep the data(Satellite/Channel/keys) when you upgrade software for the box.

This software can also be used for K5S and KOS version receivers, but it must be opened and awaited release.

Download software released Hellobox V5 HD    👉 

 🔐🛠 Software K5S and koS New update 2019 😎