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Biss Key Update Thaicom 5 - Latest Update 28 November 2019

THAICOM Satellite 5 is a satellite that is a lot of channel movie/film Abroad full 24 hours.

In the air with two frequency types that are frequency C_BAND and frequency KU_BAND satellite It's much in search by the satellite tracker, the Channel in the satellite thaicom 5 is quite interesting and good to watch because it has a lot of HD quality Chanel, especially for you fans of football and film No censorship, Chanel PPTV HD, AMARIN TV HD, TV 5 HD located in Thaicom satellite has a fairly complete broadcast ball, from the English league, Bundes Liga, the Spanish league, the French league, and of course currently thaicom 5/6 this Has a full WORLD CUP broadcast channel.

New Biss key Update THAICOM 5 :  C_BAND👇

FREKUENSI/SymbolRate/Pol/BISSKEY/Channel 👇

04013:08333:V 1111113311111133 ; T SPORTS
03920:30000:H 357911BF00000000 ; MCOT FAMILY

03920:30000:H F7E9DFBF45BB7373 ; TV5 HD1
03920:30000:H A47390A782C985D0 ; NBT
03920:30000:H F7904DD47CE43B9B ; TPBS
03920:30000:H BE77C7FCB2CD1695 ; PARLIEMENTTV
03920:30000:H FF4F74C2090ABBCE ; NEWTV
03920:30000:H F4E697714655ED88 ; BRIGHT
03920:30000:H 87B8C706168B6A0B ; VOICETV
03920:30000:H 5D2BB23A842ED688 ; NATIONTV
03920:30000:H 2523E32B6411DB50 ; 3 FAMILY
03920:30000:H EED97A414B52D572 ; THAICOM 10
03920:30000:H 20ECD1DDE315564E ; NOWTV
03920:30000:H 6714FC775017FF66 ; THAICOM 12
03920:30000:H 1BD0DEC95FC3FE20 ; ONE
03920:30000:H 403370E36EF8A309 ; THAIRATH TV
03920:30000:H 24CBD2C17A814843 ; 3 HD
03920:30000:H 7963936F088256E0 ; AMARIN TVHD
03920:30000:H C89882E28AB776B7 ; BBTV CH7
03920:30000:H 32FF9ECFA7114A02 ; PPTV

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Berikut Biss key Update terbaru THAICOM 5 :  KU_BAND👇

FREKUENSI/SymbolRate/Pol/BISSKEY/Channel 👇

12728:30000:V 1418628EC2577E97 ; FORTUNE
12728:30000:V 1111113311111133 ; TNT THAILAND
12728:30000:V 1111113311111133 ; MAYA CHANNEL SD
12728:30000:V 1111113311111133 ; SHOP CH
12728:30000:V 1111113311111133 ; BOOMERANG THAILAND
12728:30000:V 1111113311111133 ; TVD MOMO
12728:30000:V 10856E03560088DE ; TEST 20 (MWD)
12728:30000:V 47A56E5A7D35883A ; TEST 21
12728:30000:V 1111113311111133 ; 55 CHANNEL
12728:30000:V 1418628EC2577E97 ; FORTUNE
12728:30000:V 000000000000000 ; MRTV

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