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firmware Hellobox 8 release 2019-10-31 - UPDATE

This software update is:

- add Live App(free)

- audio enhanced


check software update time in "Mainmenu->Tools->Latest update" before upgrading!

If your current update time is earlier than 20190812, for example 20190725, you should use one of the two methods below to avoid audio problem.

Method 1: 
Upgrade by using "auto_burn.fac".(your settings/channels will lost by this method)

Method 2: 
Upgrade this version twice: first USB upgrade the 20191031 version, after the box reboot, USB upgrade the 20191031 vresion again!

If your current update time is later than 20190812, such as 20190814, 20190906, just ignore this note.

Download firmware Hellobox 8 release 2019-10-31 :   👉